What Does TravelCat Do?

We suggest customized itineraries based on your interests, best rated activities on the web, and tastemaker recommendations.

TravelCat has something for you to discover whether you are on vacation or business, whether traveling with friends or going solo.

Let us provide a guide through our favorite cities so that you may experience the best of the best during your travels.

Who is a TravelCat?

Anyone who has ever had this thought cross their mind: "What if I just buy a ticket and go on an adventure?"

TravelCats crave adventure, excitement, and culture. They love to try new restaurants, seek out the chicest speakeasy, catch a late night burlesque show and find the hole in the wall antique store full of treasures.

TravelCats are trendy, savvy travelers. People who will go with an itinerary but also leave room for roaming aimlessly, only to stumble upon our new favorite bakery.

Our Team